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The New Jaguar XF


The XF’s main control module governs many key safety functions including Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control through engine and brake intervention, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Cornering Brake Control (CBC) and Engine Drag Torque Control. And for the first time, the XF adds Understeer Control Logic, which has been designed to mitigate understeer by intervening through the engine management and braking systems to decelerate the car and help restore grip to the front wheels.

A two-stage DSC system similar to that featured on the new XK is standard. It combines the normal on-off switchable DSC function, which reacts as soon as it detects slip, with Trac DSC, which allows more slip before intervening – better for a more sporting driving experience. It also allows a degree of wheel overspin on deep soft surfaces, which is essential for running with snow chains. The system defaults to normal ‘DSC on’ with each ignition-on sequence.

In Dynamic Mode (SV8 only), pressing and holding the DSC button fully disables the system, allowing an experienced driver to exploit fully the capability of the chassis, where conditions allow. Mode selection is confirmed on the instrument cluster display.

Also new on XFs fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is Electronic Brake Prefill. This senses any rapid throttle lift-off and initiates a small brake hydraulic pressure build-up in anticipation of the brakes being applied, to give better pedal response and slightly shorter stopping distances.

JaguarDrive Control TM offers different modes that interact with the DSC system, engine and gearbox, to change the characteristics of engine mapping, transmission shifts and brake interventions depending on driving conditions and circumstances. On naturally aspirated cars JaguarDrive Control TM has Normal and Winter modes, on the SV8 model there are Normal, Winter and Dynamic modes - the last of these to allow a more purposeful driving style.


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